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Alan Moore Always Has Something Interesting to Say Part 2

Posted by brexwfoldingham on November 14, 2007

From a Comicscape interview 11/2007:


 “All of our fictions and all of our art exist either purely for our idle entertainment or they serve some purpose. I would suspect, given how quickly our species begins the mythologizing process, they serve quite an important purpose. It seems that we’re scarcely down from the trees before we begin to tell the story of how we came down from the trees, embellishing it here and there, or telling the story of the great god who inspired us to come down. 

Now, nature very seldom does things just for fun – just for entertainment. Almost everything that is in our environment and in our lives is there for some kind of survival purpose, which leads me to suspect that there is something about the interdependence of our material world and the fictional world that is of great importance to us and our lives. There is some kind of feedback in that the architects of the physical world are very often – more often than not – inspired by fiction.  If you actually look at the people who shape most of the world, they are themselves very often shaped by fiction. And, sometimes those fictions are incredibly dangerous and sometimes they’re quite illuminating.”


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