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Viva Caligula!

Posted by brexwfoldingham on September 20, 2007


The webgame of the moment. Not much skill required, but if you get a sick satisfaction from lighting innocent roman citizens on fire (then bringing them back from the dead as your personal skeleton warriors), this is the game for you.


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Nanaca † Crash

Posted by brexwfoldingham on August 17, 2007

For when you’re frustrated with Gimmie Friction Baby you can play Nanaca Crash. This is one of the most visually pleasing games I’ve seen in awhile. The game starts with Nanaca crashing her bike into Taichi and seeing how far he can travel. Along the way his progress will either be hurt or hindered by various other characters. It’s best to read a bit about the game at jayisgames before you play. My high score is 3,600, but I know it’s peanuts compared to the other people out there.


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Gimmie Friction Baby

Posted by brexwfoldingham on August 17, 2007

The puzzle game of the moment. Forget Boomshine. I’ll link you to the explanation page (where you can see it’s also an award-winning game) to save you the initial frustration of figuring out what to do.

 Deon’s high score so far is 30.


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Boomshine (flash game for bored people)

Posted by brexwfoldingham on August 15, 2007

http://bored.com/boomshine/index.htmThis has been the office distraction as of late. Very simple game, and I’m still not actually sure if there is a discernible strategy. However, there must be one because Deon (king of all puzzle games) scored 272. Top that if you may.

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